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A progressive sunglass lens for any fashion frame

A progressive sunglass lens precisely tailored to the individual prescriptions and dynamic vision zones of customers engaged in a modern lifestyle, and ensuring a clear, undistorted visual experience outdoors, in sunglass frames of any size and curvature.

Our advantage:
Vision zones precisely suited to the modern outdoor lifestyle

Shamir Attitude® III – Fashion delivers clear and distortion-free, prescription-personalized visual experience, specifically in far vision zones, with an expanded peripheral viewing field across even the largest of curved frames. The lens additionally covers the intermediate vision zones required in modern lifestyles involving frequent use of digital devices, and helps reduce the need to tilt one’s head forward or back, or lower or raise nearby objects to achieve convenient viewing.

Who it’s for

Sunglass wearers wishing to enjoy the widest and most distortion-free vision outdoors, even with large and curved sunglass frames.

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