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Taking wrap lenses to the next level

Being an active presbyope wearing aerodynamic wrap sunglasses over your prescription glasses kind of defeats the purpose of wind resistance. It isn’t very comfortable for the fashion forward patients either. To solve this unattractive issue that your patients deal with and to help them look as good as they see, we’ve introduced a fully personalized progressive lens designed specifically for wrap frames: Autograph II – Attitude™.

Wrap it up with personalization.

Don’t your progressive patients deserve to enjoy outdoor activities with the thrill of personalized prescription sunglasses? We think so too, and to spice it up a bit, our research and development team decided to throw in a few more advancements. So, to kick the progressive wrap lens up a notch we took the design to the back-side, personalized it to the patient and added a little “as-worn” to the mix. Each Autograph II – Attitude™ design incorporates As-Worn Technology™, further fine-tuning your patients vision based on how they wear their wrap frames and the ones they choose.

Who It's for

Action-oriented progressive lens wearers who need a personalized lens for their wrap frames.

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