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Tailored For Your Everyday

Shamir Autograph® II+ provides patients with more comfort both ergonomically and visually for everyday needs. These back-surfaced, digital Freeform® lenses can be personalized for your patients thanks to four of Shamir’s advanced technologies: EyePoint Technology®, As-Worn Technology™, Natural Posture™, and Close-Up™.

Autograph® II+ provides wider fields of view, and is designed to be more ergonomically comfortable while reading, working, and doing other various everyday tasks.

Most lens designs are universally optimized for near viewing, using an average inset value, which is fine in many cases. However when it comes to any irregularities, near vision may be unfocused or narrow. Autograph® II+ allows the ECP to specify the patient inset allowing wider more focused vison at near. The Autograph® II+ also dynamically locates the near vertically within the lens corridor, taking into account the Rx sphere value – plus or minus, and giving constant, clear focus. It also reduces the need to tilt the head forwards or backwards or alternatively to lower or raise a book when reading to find the right viewing distance and angle.

Who It's for

Task-oriented eyeglass wearers experiencing blurry vision when focusing on objects at different distances. It’s effective for avid readers or writers, digital users, those who enjoy hobbies such as painting and woodworking, or even just working in an office.

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