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A highly personalized single vision lens for the digital lifestyle

An advanced single vision lens available in three variants precisely personalized to the visual requirements of the individual eyeglass wearer, and featuring an extra bit of power in its lower surface area for added visual comfort in the 15-to-27-inches digital display viewing zones. Shamir Relax™ provides single vision eyeglass wearers – including those not specifically requiring corrective lenses – with a bit of extra power in its lower area. The lens makes close and intermediate viewing tasks easier, and specifically helps overcome the vision and constant focusing challenges typical to continuous use of digital displays.

Our advantage:
Accommodative relief for any Single Vision Wearer

As its name implies, Shamir Relax™ provides relief and helps eyeglass wearers do exactly that – relax, and enjoy greatly minimized eye dryness and fatigue, tearing, headaches and blurry vision at the end of long days in front of computer and digital device screens.

Who it’s for

Anyone, with or without binocular vision issues, who experience eyestrain or end-of-day eye fatigue

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