Low-light &
night driving

Benefits that propel a better driving experience


Increased road awareness due to higher attention

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Lower cognitive load
for improved visual processing

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Optimal physical comfort
enable a pleasant drive with less effort

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Greater confidence
under varied conditions

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Faster reaction times
for improved performance

Key design features
Advanced Filters
Premium coatings
  • Soft, low-distortion design
  • High acuity; excellent wide far vision
  • Digital-friendly power profile
  • Natural Posture™ technology
  • Visual age-based myopic shift for improved low-light sharpness
  • Available for any frame tilt from flat to high curve

Sun daylight lenses incorporate advanced materials that enhance  perception, simulating the amplified color contrast and object
recognition featured in advanced Formula F1® racing helmet visors!

  • Sun lenses coating for daytime:
    Shamir Glacier Sun™: Powerful protection, sun glare reduction, durability, and easy cleaning
  • Moon lenses coating for nighttime and lowlight conditions:
    Shamir Glacier Expression™ Anti-reflective, for a 25% increase in contrast sensitivity, eye fatigue reduction, and improved reaction times, for most users*
* Based on research, samples, pilot analyses and actual lens design measurements conducted by Shamir

Enhanced AI elements by collecting big data

Shamir’s Big Data set was enriched with extensive input, insights, and data from pro drivers facing extreme road challenges and from everyday drivers. We also incorporated real-world measurements under varying road and lighting conditions and head/eye tracking of BWT Alpine F1® Team’s pro drivers.

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14 million

gaze points

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80 vehicle types

studies with drivers of almost every age and gender

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200 scenarios

Researched driving scenarios

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measurements with pro and everyday drivers

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