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Unparalleled range of lens designs

Shamir is the recognized world leader in custom-designed technology
for life improvement, fashion, performance sports, occupational single vision, and progressive lenses.
Our deep understanding and desire to address basic human pains and requirements are clearly
reflected in our truly diverse range of age and task-specific clear and sunglass lenses,
which make reading, computer and handheld digital device use, sports and urban life,
easier and more comfortable than ever. Get Shamir lenses now.

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Next Generation Lens Technology

We are a leading producer of advanced progressive lenses, based on the latest innovations and backed up by the highest quality assurance standards.
Customized to the wearer, our progressive lenses offer greater wearer tolerance, faster adaptation, and optimum visual support for the near and far zones.
From standard progressives to the most advanced AI lenses such as Autograph Intelligence™, our lenses cover every visual need, lifestyle and budget.

Single Vision
Shamir Lenses

Optimally Customized to Lifestyle and Visual Needs

Shamir Single vision lenses provide customers a clear, stable, and comfortable visual experience precisely where they require it. Our Single vision lenses offer the personal fit customers need in order to experience the broadest possible fields of clear vision, with lenses custom designed as per individual prescriptions.


Providing better professional performance

Visual comfort is essential for those spending their workdays at their desk and in front of their computer. Our occupational lenses provide the optimal visual experience in desktop computing & workspace environments and are designed to significantly improve visual clarity and comfort in the near and intermediate viewing zones.

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