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Eye-Point Technology™

Eye-Point Technology® simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision.

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Eye-Point Technology™ simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision.

These techniques enable Shamir to create a sophisticated progressive lens surface based upon thousands of points of data. It’s this “design inside” that makes Shamir progressive lenses the most advanced in the world. Eye-Point Technology™ can simulate exactly how the human eye will see through the lens and then calculate the optical performance of thousands of locations covering the lens surface, taking into account the following parameters:

  • Lens index refraction
  • Lens prescription
  • Lens center thickness
  • Distance from the eye to the back vertex of the lens
  • Distance from the lens to the object
  • Pantoscopic tilt of the frame
  • Pupil distance
  • Thickness reduction prism
  • Angular position of the object in the eye’s field of vision

Main benefits for your patients

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Artificial intelligence and head and eye motion Big Data-based vision modeling technology enables the production of the most precisely personalized progressive lenses

Eye-point Technology III Progressive lenses

Fits any prescription
or frame

Clear, comfortable vision for eyeglass wearers with any prescription and frame choice, with the most natural viewing postures

Answers individual
prescription challenges

Fits the needs of both hyperopic and myopic presbyopes

Accomodates natural eye white

For digital use

Accommodates the increasing use of handheld digital devices

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Our Advantage

By analyzing data from over 3,600 points on each lens Shamir is able to create lenses that offer patients a more accurate and comfortable visual experience.

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