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Eye-point Technology™ simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and optical zone.

These techniques enable Shamir to create a sophisticated progressive lens surface based upon thousands of points of data. It’s this “design inside” that makes Shamir progressive lenses the most advanced in the world. Eye-point Technology™, a lens design optimization algorithm can simulate exactly how the human eye will see through the lens, by considering dozens of parameters such:

  • Lens index refraction
  • Lens prescription
  • Lens center thickness
  • Distance from the eye to the back vertex of the lens
  • Distance from the lens to the object
  • Pantoscopic tilt of the frame
  • Pupil distance
  • Thickness reduction prism
  • Angular position of the object in the eye’s field of vision
  • Frame dimensions such as Fitting Hight, frame width etc.


Main benefits for your patients

Ideal for anisometropic white

Distortion free viewing

Provides wide, clear distortion free viewing fields along all gaze directions on the lens surface

Easy transition white

Smooth transition

Ensures smooth transition among all vision zones

Sharp vision
at every distance

Optimized field of vision in every frame shape

Easy adaptation
for digital users

Enables easy adaptation for digital device users without compromising far vision

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How it works

Eye-point Technology™ considers how the eye will see through the lens

Eye-point Technology™ calculate the optical performance of thousands of locations covering the lens surface, then analyzes the lens performance from the eye-lens-object reference, creating wide fields of vision, smooth power distribution and reduced distortions lens design.

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