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Technology enabling delivery of ergonomic lens designs for the most comfortable viewing postures

Natural Posture is an innovative ergonomic design technology enabling the development of lenses that optimally accommodate eyeglass wearers’ head posture when reading or focusing on nearby objects.

Dynamically locates near viewing zone

Natural Posture technology dynamically locates the near viewing zone within the progressive lens corridor, taking into account the positive or negative power of the prescription. This minimizes the need to tilt one’s head forward or back or raise and lower a book in an attempt to bring the text into focus. Any postural discomfort while reading is thereby minimized, ensuring the patient enjoys a natural, comfortable posture.

Main benefits for your patients


Maximizes individual postural comfort when reading and viewing nearby objects

Minimizes need
to tilt one’s head

Less need to raise or lower items, or tilt one’s head up or down

Ideal for anisometropic white

Ideal for anisometropic
eyeglass wearers

Whose eyes focus unevenly and who require varying accommodative eye support

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Our Advantage

Ensures maximum viewing comfort

The technology enables Shamir developers to dynamically position near viewing zones on lens corridors to optimize vertical head and eye motion and ensure maximum viewing comfort in these zones.

Shifts the image to an ergonomically correct
viewing position

The technology positions the near vision zone higher for minus RX and lower in plus ones, improving the binocular prismatic disbalance for anisometropic cases, ensuring a natural viewing experience.

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