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Don’t get singled out because of vision

Being single has its perks, especially with the Shamir Autograph II™ line. That’s right single vision patients are able to enjoy the same personalized benefits presbyopic patients do. With Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™, introducing your single vision patients to the latest in hi-tech vision is easier than tying your shoes.

It’s personal for single vision patients.

Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ provides your single vision patients the personal fit they need to experience crisp, clear, uncomplicated vision. That’s because Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ utilizes As-Worn Technology™, so the design is created to accommodate the way your patient wears their frame of choice (i.e. low on the bridge, high on the bridge, etc).

The Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ design takes into account the patients’ personal parameters while wearing their frames, this includes: panoramic angle, pantoscopic tilt and vertex distance. With these added measurements, the final product reflects the Rx needed based on the “as-worn” position of the patients’ frames, not on refracted Rx alone.

It’s like a pair of shoes. If you’re a size 9.25, why would you want to squeeze your foot into a size 9 shoe if you knew you could get a size 9.25 shoe? This is the same personalization Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ provides for your patients, except for their eyes.

Who it’s for

Single vision eyeglass wearers who need crisp, clear and uncompromising vision.

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