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Shamir FirstPAL™…promoting easy adaptation

They may think that slightly blurry near vision isn’t very troublesome yet, but once your patients require a stronger add power, it may be more difficult for them to adjust to progressives. This is because progressives are much different than those single vision lenses they were used to.

Shamir FirstPAL™ has been designed as an “introductory” progressive. It’s a progressive without the visual constraints of more advanced PAL designs. Shamir FirstPAL™ features wider reading and intermediate zones and the full add is obtained quickly, so they won’t have to lower their heads as much to see, like they would in a standard progressive.

Who it’s for

Patients looking to get into their first pair of progressive lenses with the easiest transition from single vision lenses.

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Features & Benefits


Easy transition to progressive lenses


Compatible with tinted, photochromic, and polarized sunglass applications, as well as with a range of advanced coatings


Maximum Postural Comfort

Helps create great posture for first-time progressive lens wearers

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